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Tips for Submitting Information

For Candidates

Congratulations on your candidacy for a judicial seat. Judicial Votes Count is a non-partisan initiative of the Ohio State Bar Association, in partnership with the Supreme Court of Ohio, the League of Women Voters of Ohio, the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron, the Ohio News Media Association and the Ohio Association of Broadcasters. It is offered as a tool to help Ohio voters learn more about you and your qualifications to be a judge, as well as to help users learn about the state’s judicial system – how it works, what judges do, and how judges impact the lives of Ohioans.

Please Note:

  • All candidates complete the same online Web form.
  • All candidates’ names will be listed on the Find Your Candidates page, even if some choose not to provide their profile information.
  • There will be links to candidate profiles for participating candidates only.
  • The staff of Judicial Votes Count does not correct any misspellings, or errors in grammar or punctuation. (Candidate information is uploaded automatically, exactly how information is inputted into the form.)
  • You may request edits to correct wording or misspellings at any time, by emailing  and explaining your desired changes.
  • All endorsements, bar ratings, and bar recommendations must be submitted by the candidate. Bar ratings and recommendations must state the name of the organization, as well as the year of the rating/recommendation.
  • In accordance with recent statutory changes, political-party affiliation will be listed for both the primary and general elections for Supreme Court and Ohio Courts of Appeals candidates only.
  • The political-party affiliation will be listed only for the primary election for county court and common pleas court candidates, according to statute.
  • It is crucial that candidates are matched to the correct seats up for election, which are determined by term dates. If you do not know the exact term date of the seat you seek, then contact your local board of elections to ask.

Suggestions for Your Candidate Profile:

  • Consider listing your name for your profile in the same way it will be listed on the ballot.
  • Add endorsements, bar ratings, or bar recommendations as they become available. You may request these additions to your profile at any time, by emailing and explaining what needs to be added.
  • Provide Web links to websites and social media sites, where applicable.