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Alyse  Rettich

Alyse Rettich

Miamisburg Municipal Court
Full Term Commencing Jan. 1, 2024

*Top Vote-Getter in General Election

Candidate Details

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  • Email
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Education

    Juris Doctorate (2016)
    The University of Dayton School of Law

    • Dean’s Scholarship Recipient
    • CALI Award for Excellence - Highest Grade Torts I
    • Dean’s Fellow Tutor and Mentor (academic achievement, aptitude for expert learning strategies)
    • Board Member of the Academic Appeals Committee
    • Steven E. Yuhas Special Service Award Recipient


    Masters of Business Administration (2019)
    The University of Dayton School of Business

    • Process of Creating, Sustaining, and Growing Successful Businesses
    • Strategic Decision Making and Stakeholder Management
    • Managers becoming effective leaders -the human side of enterprise
    • Operational Effectiveness


    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2013)
    Indiana Institute of Technology 

    • Summa Cum Laude
    • Humanities Award of Excellence
    • Alpha Chi National College Honor Society
    • Chi Alpha Sigma National Collegiate Athlete Honor Society

  • Work Experience

    Miamisburg Municipal Court (2022-present)


    • As Judge heard 3000+ cases
    • Initiated Electronic Search Warrants to safe time and cost to law enforcement
    • Implemented civil e-filings for attorneys and pro se litigants
    • Intituted a diversion program that offers community service and classes intead of conviction

    • Presided over criminal, traffic, and civil trials
    • Evaluates and signs search warrants for law enforcement
    • Sets bond, and handle all aspects of cases before the court including arriangment, motions, and , pleas, and dispositions
    • Manages 15+ staff
    • MainHears 35+ driver liscense reinstatement cases a month

    Freund, Freeze & Arnold (2021-2022)
    • Attends and questions witnesses at depositions and hearings
    • Strong research and writing skills with the ability to meet quick deadlines.
    • Writes motions and memorandums for various case topics.
    • Collaboratively works with other members of the legal team to achieve optimal results.
    • Evaluates and analyzes cases for initial litigation plans and case assessments
    • Engages in issue spotting, risk assessment, and problem solving.
    • Maintains regular contact with parties helping to facilitate relationships with a clients first approach.
    • Excellent analytical skills with strong attention to detail.


    Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office (2016-2021)

    Criminal Division
    • Engaged in constant negotiations between opposing parties ensuring the best possible outcome.
    • Represented the State of Ohio in trials sitting as both first and second chair.
    • Prosecuted felony cases of all levels including murder, and sex abuse cases
    • Highest successful conviction rate in 2019.

    • Evaluated filings for law enforcement, providing suggestions, recommendation, and case law.
    • Wrote and argued motions, including both in-court, and out of court.
    • Presented evidence, questioned witnesses, filed pretrial motions for various court proceedings.
    • Advocated for victims of crime, protecting our community.

    • Handled 700+ felony cases


    Grand Jury Division
    • Conducted preliminary hearings in the surrounding municipal courts.
    • Presented cases for indictment.
    • Reviewed cases presented by the Dayton police department for filing.
    • Ensured all evidence was collected and the file was organized appropriately for future use.

    Child Protection Unit
    • Prosecuted complaints of child abuse, neglect, or dependency in juvenile court on assigned court docket.
    • Represented children’s services with diplomacy to protect abused or neglected children.
    • Wrote complaints and motions, managing 900+ cases in juvenile court.
    • Researched and wrote legal briefs, formulating perceptive and fitting legal arguments.

  • Family
    Married with Three Children
  • Affiliations

    • Ohio State Bar Association
    • Dayton Bar Association
    • Ohio Women's Bar Association
    • Germantown Eagles #2292
    • Ohio Supreme Court-Lawyer to Lawyer Mentor Program

    • Coach Valley View Youth Soccer Association
    • Junior Membership Chair - Daughters of The American
    Revolution – Jonathan Dayton Chapter
    • Member, Karl Kessler Inn of Court
    • Indiana Tech Women’s Soccer Team (2009-2013)

    • Church Council Member Emmanuel's Lutheran Church

  • Endorsements

    • Montgomery County Republican Party
    • Phil Plummer, Ohio State Representative
    • Niraj Antani, Ohio State Senator

    • Tom Young, Ohio State Representative

    • Rob Streck, Montgomery County Sheriff

    • Terry A. Johnson, Mayor City of Germantown
    • Bonnie Koogle, City of Germantown Council 

    • Jeff Jones, City of Germantown Council 
    • Rick Reed,City of Germantown Council

    • Michael Kuhn, City of Germantown Council 
    • Rob Rettich,City of Germantown Council 

    • Don Culp, Miami Township Trustee
    • Doug Berry, Former Miami Township Trustee


Photo of Alyse  Rettich Alyse Rettich

Question 1

List your judicial experience (courts and years)

Administrative Judge Miamisburg Municipal Court 2022 - Present

Abbreviated Candidate Answers

Administrative Judge Miamisburg Municipal Court 2021 - Present

Question 2

What non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

At the Montgomery County Prosecutor's office I handled 700+ felony cases, 600+ Juvenile Court cases. While a prosecutor I maintained a 95% conviction rate. In my career I have had 100+ trials, 200+ hearings and depositions of various kinds. Before becoming the Miamisburg Municipal Court Judge I enjoyed a varied practice, I experienced multiple divisions at the prosecutors office, I was exposed to a plethora of issues that Judges face regularly be it discovery questions, motions in limine, motions to supress, daubert challenges, batson challenges, voir dire, bond modification hearings, and other various topics.


Having worked in both the public and private sectors provides a greater breadth of experience and knowledge. I have also worked in the federal, appellate, county and municipal courts. My time as a prosecutor exposed me to the fact that when appropriate incarceration serves a necessary purpose. While my time in private practice exposed me to different views points and perspectives. My deep roots to our community make me the better candidate. I am a 6th generation resident of the courts jurisdiciton. I own a home where I raise my three children with my husband. I have always held roles that help to develope and nurture people be it prior jobs or volunteer positions. I am invested in mainingtaing a safe community and continuing to better our cities so my children can hunt, fish, play and be safe on our sidewalks. I want to maintain our community to enable my children to raise their kids here. 

Question 3

Why are you running for this particular court seat?

As the Administrative Judge, and having years of detailed knowledge regarding what the position entails, I have stronger experience for this important position. As Judge I have handled thousands of cases. I hear on average 35+ license reinstatement hearings a month. Being the Municipal Judge allows me to help people who are in a difficult time in their lives on the most basic level of the judicial system.  An important thing for a Municipal Judge to keep in mind is that the majority of residents appearing before the court are not serious criminals. Most are citizens who have committed misdemeanors, and who are good people coming before a judge for a momentary lapse in judgment. How those individuals are treated determines how they view the court and in a larger sense the justice system and other authority. It also could be their watershed moment, how that case is handled, how they are treated, and how they are penalized, or if alternative help is provided could be a turning point moment for some. Whatever charge they received, along with whatever penalties, be it treatment or incarceration could be the wake up call that was needed to help them realize what the underlying issue really is, addiction, or mental health. 

I have always found it easy to speak to everyone candidly as if they were my friend or neighbor. This type of openness to communication is the main quality that good Municipal Judges, like my late Father, have to possess. I have always encouraged substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and other behavioral educational programs, as opposed to incarceration, when appropriate, and applicable. I am a strong advocate of intervention when possible. My time as a prosecutor exposed me to the fact that when appropriate incarceration serves a necessary purpose. The individuals that come before the Court are often under negative circumstances and there are difficult decisions that can help to guide them down the right path.