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Stephanie Mingo

For Judge of the Franklin County Municipal Court, Environmental Division
Full Term Beginning 1/8/2022

*Top Vote-Getter in Primary Election

*Top Vote-Getter in General Election

Question 1

List your judicial experience (courts and years)

Franklin County Municipal Court, Environmental Division, January 2019 to present.

Question 2

What non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

My legal experience at the City, County and State level qualifies me to be a Judge. In addition, I've been a solo practitioner, and worked as counsel in the private sector. I've had a wide range of experience of the years working as a compliance attorney and the public practice of law.

Question 3

Why are you running for this particular court seat?

Environmental Court is uniquely connected to the Central Ohio community and in my time as the presiding judge over the Court, I have demonstrated the same commitment. The Court has a realtime impact on the safety and cleanliness of our neighborhoods and communities unlike any other courtroom in Ohio. I have worked diligently to connect and engage with those neighborhoods most impacted by the work of the Court in an effort to gain a more in depth understanding of the life issues which drive cases into the Court. Knowing and understanding your community, is integral part of being a well informed, responsible judge. To that extend, I have consistently gone beyond the Courtroom to be a well-informed and community engaged jurist. I run for this seat for my community. I run for this seat, for the black and brown children who are watching and wondering if someday they will ever have the opportunity to serve from the bench. The lack of judicial diversity in Ohio has a detrimental impact on the dispensing of equal justice. As 1 of only 2 Black female judges on Franklin County's Municipal Court bench, I run for this seat so that ground is not lost; we must continue to fortify our efforts to spotlight the the lack of diversity in our judicial system, acknowledge the detrimental impact and recruit and maintain black judges on the bench. Full stop.